Kpop is welcome in Algeria

Korean soft power has arrived in Algeria, and since 2016, it is only growing!

The planetary Hallyu phenomenon has arrived in North Africa and since then Algerian fans have been asking for more meetings, events and especially concerts!

BTS, STRAY KIDS, BLACKPINK or G-IDLE have a solid fanbase waiting for them.

We had the pleasure of attending the Kpop event on July 12, an event by fans for fans.

Fans came from different towns to be able to share this unique moment which did not happen often but with agencies like Shenron entertainment, fans are more likely to attend this kind of event, to meet and talk about their favourite artists.

This event started with the famous movie Swing kids by the singer and actor of EXO D.O, then followed by a cover dance contest. Eventually, fans had fun dancing and singing along with a pre-chosen MV viewing on social media.

After various exchanges and research, the fans told us of their wishes.

Indeed Algeria has never had a Korean artist concert, fans dream that a concert would take place in their country.

Here are some feelings:

“They can bring anyone to us, just the experience will make us too happy”

“I know any artist will be sold out, very quickly, the Kpop community is only growing here”

“Several Algerian fanbases are emerging like that of Exo or ATEEZ which are doing several events, so yes for sure we would like other big events how are they done in France or the United States”

“The events started a long time ago, other agencies are doing this too, but I think it will be cool if a concert is taking place, a band was supposed to come but because of covid-19, it is cancelled… Too bad I would have wanted to experience a concert at least once”

The events are now becoming regular, the agency, two weeks later organized an event centred on K-hip hop, we feel that the community is growing and that we want to go beyond the simple event and meeting between fans.

Small businesses are also set up by fans, such as Art.by_iman and

The Hallyu in Algeria is therefore at its peak and is not ready to die out, the fans are ready to welcome their favourite groups!

Journalist: Nour
Translator: Nour
Photos/Video: Nour

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