BTS: “I look relaxed, but honestly, I’m not relaxed.” -V

V, a member of idol group BTS (RM, Jin Jimin, J-Hope, Sugar, V, Jungkook), expressed his feelings in an interview with a photo shoot.

Vogue Korea published V‘s illustrated interview in New York on September 19.

In the interview, V was asked if he tends to react calmly to unexpected situations and he replied:

“I look relaxed, but honestly, I’m not relaxed. I’m just pretending. Instead, I am able to think strongly. Even if my idea is not the answer, I act with the belief that the idea will be the best. I don’t feel any pressure, but I don’t regret my actions.”.

“I think I should do the right thing for those who love me. Even when I’m hurt and struggling, I’m healthy and happy thanks to ARMY (fandom name), members, my family and my friends,” he explained.

Additionally, when asked about the meaning of relationships, V replied, “I tend to value relationships with people” and added, “I like people, artists, directors, writers and journalists are all precious. In the past, I was hurt by seeing myself only as “V”. Having only this personal connection, so I was shy, but I always have people not far from me. People who are next to me now are the precious people who have made me who I am now“.

V said:

“We really support each other a lot”,

about the BTS members’ individual activities, adding, “Recently, I had some time at SUGA to listen to all the individual songs the members did. Maybe because he prepared music with his own color, he made music passionately and actively. It’s nice to see that we are in love with each other.

When asked about his fashion style, V said, “In the past, I liked the British style, but these days I focus on showing a more comfortable state, showing off casual details,” adding “I have a concept on set, and I’m faithful to expressing it, but in my daily life, I never know what to wear tomorrow. I wear clothes that match my feelings and can show KIM TAE HYUNG as he is everyday.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Vogue Korea

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