INDIVIDUAL CIRCUMSTANCES: The new BL with the former member of MYNAME

Actor KANG JUN KYU (JUN.Q), a former member of boy group MYNAME, and model HAN JUNG WAN, Korea’s “most beautiful” model, have been cast in BL genre drama “각자의 사정 Individual circumstances” (director Kim Jin Yeol, script Lucinda, Kim Hoe Joon, production 1012 STUDIO).


각자의 사정 Individual Circumstances,” which is slated to air in the second half of this year, depicts a reunion romance between Ha Yeon Woo, a genius director, and Sung Woo Jae, a writer who disappeared to break up with his first love in due to past injuries.

KANG JUN KYU plays Sung Woo Jae, an aspiring writer. KANG JUN KYU, who debuted as the main rapper of MYNAME in 2011 and gained experience with constant challenges and various activities, became an actor and appeared in various works, being recognized for his talents as a actor through the films “Special delivery” and “In our prime“.

The role of genius director Ha Yeon Woo will be played by model HAN JUNG WAN, who won the 2021 Mr. International Korea, Korea’s most handsome man contest. With a slim waist and 182cm tall, strong body and statuesque appearance built with exercise, he was recognized as a “facial genius” by winning the best model award at the 2022 Global Men’s Beauty Contest, which ended in July.


각자의 사정 Individual circumstances” is directed by director Kim Jin Yeol, who is active in Chungmuro, and a large number of Chungmuro employees participate in the production, signaling the birth of a well-made BL drama.

Production company 1012 STUDIO said, “We expect perfect chemistry and a smooth romance between KANG JUN KYU, who is recognized as an idol actor, and HAN JUNG WAN, who is gaining popularity across Asia in as “the most handsome man” in Korea, to open a new horizon for BL dramas to fans around the world.

각자의 사정 Individual circumstances” has a total of eight episodes and will be released worldwide through various channels such as global OTT in the second half of this year.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Sources: C-JES Entertainment, Management 1012

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