Friday, September 29, 2023
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N.FLYING: Fiery confessions with “Dearest”

Love and its effects throughout a new album.


“I’m really happy to make a comeback after a long time. I just want the fans to hear the song we worked hard on.” – SEO DONG SUNG

Today, October 17, 5-member group N.FLYING, LEE SEUNG HYUB, CHA HUN, KIM JAE HYUN, YOO HWE SEUNG, and SEO DONG SUNG are back with their 8th mini album “DEAREST.”

It is at the YES24 Live Hall, that the band presents itself in front of the press to present this new opus. Composed of 6 titles, the main “I like you“, it is followed by “The night“, “Firefly”,1“, “Monster” and “Shooting star“.

When we look at the credits we immediately see that LEE SEUNG HYUB participated in the writing of all the titles that make up the album as well as all the compositions. Regarding the last title “Shooting star” all the members breathed a part of him into the lyrics. Moreover the group worked with the production team AIMING, of which Kim Subin (former member of the group SAY YES) is part.

For this new opus, the group wanted to transmit fresh moments of love, which sometimes make you anxious because of this nascent love.

With the title song that begins with the words

“I’m screwed”

the explanation is very quick and we understand by this that the love that is born in each of us risks overflowing without our being able to really control it. A love that wants to be simple and honest.

The 8th mini-album “DEAREST” is composed, on the cover, of the 5 members taking a sunbath, inside several photo cards, a bookmark and a photo book which will bring you a lot of light and sunshine. Good for the eyes at the approach of winter when the light will be lower.

Let’s go back to the performances that the group shows us. With a superb entrance, a yellow light in the background only lets us discover the shadows of the members, like rock stars arriving in the dark, the group sets up on stage before starting with the title “The night“.

The title is meant to be calm like a ballad with a sentimental feel.

Then we continue with the performance of the main title “I like you“, which is more dynamic and immerses us in the atmosphere of the album with the energy of the group.

The MV that follows clearly illustrates the words of the members about this album, with this budding love. And the nature which is very present allows us to stay in this bright and pleasant end of summer.

The group answers a few questions from the journalists present who show great interest in this comeback.

Asked about the qualifier they would like to obtain, YOO HWE SEUNG answers:

“Many people have nicknamed us “Youth Band” and “Memory Manipulation Band”. I wish to hear that this is an album that shows the charm of N.FLYING well, again this time. I hope a good adjective will be found in many people’s minds” – YOO HWE SEUNG

Asked about the departure to the army of the members, it is KIM JAE HYUN who answers that when the time comes they will carry out their duty and that for the moment and thereafter they concentrate on a group work with the other members. One of their goals is to be a band until the age of 80.


The word of our reporter: “This presentation in front of the press was like a show, with its entrance, its performances and the speeches of the members. It’s an album to listen to, really

Journalist: Shawn

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