SUPEREIGHT: And if you were the creators of a group

Another new boy group concept has been announced.

On November 22, the CTD ENM agency released a video teaser and poster for boy group project SUPEREIGHT on its official channel and SNS.

In the video, a big dot appeared, beginning with the narration “We are a dot“. Since then, many points have been connected with a line to form a circle.

In addition, the message “Just as dots meet and become lines, we meet to create a new story“, adding a mysterious charm.

In particular, at the end of the video, the comment “Waiting for your amazing story” and six dots were combined to form the number “8”, amplifying viewers’ curiosity. Indeed, the public is more and more interested in the stories they want to tell.

Unlike existing idol content, SUPEREIGHT is designed to create two-way communication content between fans and artists. The goal is to create a system for fans to participate in the production of albums and influence future activities.

CTD ENM is a startup created with the aim of promoting Korean culture and music to the world and launching K-pop idol content with fans. He is attracting attention for his new attempt at presenting SUPEREIGHT.

SUPEREIGHT candidates will be recruited from December 1st. Details such as qualifications and application methods can be found on the official YouTube channel.

Journalist: Shawn
Transaltor: Shawn

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