Tuesday, October 3, 2023

RM: A teaser of the interview on the conception of the album

BTS’s RM tells the story of his first solo album “INDIGO”.


RM released a video teaser for “INDIGO” on his official SNS on November 27. The video contains an interview with RM and musicians and artists who participated in “INDIGO”. The film “magazine” will be released on December 3, the day after the release of the album.

In the video, RM said:

“I think telling the most personal story in the most universal way is the highest stage we can reach.”,

adding, “This is my story over the last four years. I hope it stays with you for a long time like a tranquil field.” Paul Blanco, who took part in “Closer (with Paul Blanco, Mahalia)” as a feature film, said, “This combination of artists and producers is something we’ve never seen before.” while Cho Yoo Jin and Park Ji Yoon each raised expectations for the report, saying, “He seem very geuine about music.

RM will showcase a wide range of music through collaborations with various artists in “INDIGO,” which contains honest emotions, concerns, and various outcomes. The entire song “Indigo,” which contains traces of RM’s life and thoughts, will be released on December 2.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Bighit Music

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