CHOI SUHWAN: A comeback this week

The singer will be back this week.


CHOI SUHWAN, offered us a video teaser for the release of his new title “Left on read”.

The video revealed to us shows us the singer CHOI SUHWAN, like an impatient child waiting for something or surely someone. Sitting on a bench with his backpack, stamping with impatience, getting ready to arrange his locks of hair or consulting his phone insistently, he can’t wait any longer. But with the latest image showing him throwing his phone away, it’s feared that this person may be coming.

What is it really, you will have to wait for the release of the title “Left on read“.

CHOI SUHWAN is a young Korean singer from LYNNA Entertainment, whom you could discover for some on the show Produce X 101, and for the lucky ones who was this year at the Woori festival, in Toulouse, France.

The artist has already delighted you with several of his solo tracks like “Starry night” and “Chance”, using his vocal skills to convey his feelings to you.

CHOI SUHWAN will release his title “Left on read” on December 8th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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