MOONBIN and SANHA: The return of the sub-unit

MOON BIN & SANHA (ASTRO) will be making their comeback on January 4th next year.

MOON BIN & SANHA will release their third mini album “INCENSE” on January 4th next year.

According to the promotion schedule of “INCENSE” posted on the official Fantagio SNS, MOONBIN & SANHA will sequentially release a variety of teaser content, such as track list, album previews, “IMPURE” and “PURE” releases. ” of concept photos, concept films, a medley, spoiler lyrics and individual teasers. The music video teaser will be released on January 2 next year, two days before the album’s release.

Expectations are high for the kind of enhanced charm and performance that MOON BIN & SANHA will bring to warm up this winter, after 10 months, since their second mini album “REFUGE”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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