SOUTH KOREA: In the round of 16, also supported by your idols

A great moment for Koreans and your idols.

Indeed, currently the football world cup brings together many enthusiasts for this sport, and among the Korean artists many are those who are behind their national team.

If during the match against Ghana, the Korean team had to apologize to its supporters, after losing 3 – 2, this time the country and your artists are happy after the victory against Portugal.

A large number of artists have shared this victory on their social networks. Like singer KIM JAEHWAN, MFECT‘s member JEIL, artist REDDY, SUPER JUNIOR‘s LEE TEUK, artist GIANTPINK, or the singer KAHI. This being just a small part of all who shared in this victory, leading the South Korean team to the round of 16.

Congratulations to the Korean team, encouraged by their compatriots.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Artiste, BEin sport

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