BLOCK B : ???? A COMEBACK ????

ZICO posts on his SNS a photo with all the members of the group BLOCK B.


Today December 9 ZICO publishes on his Instagram a photo, in a training room with all the members of the group BLOCK B, TAEIL, BBOMB, P.O., PARK KYUNG, JAEHYO, U-KWON and ZICO.

BBOMB shared this photo in Instagram story . P.O., U-KWON and PARK KYUNG also published it in photo, for PARK KYUNG it is moreover the only post on his Instagram account.

U-KWON previously posted a picture of the group on December 8 at KOZ Entertainment‘s practice room. Identifying all members. ZICO having done the same with the “Training” note.

The last post of TAEIL dated April 14 with a photo of the group to celebrate the 11 years of career of this one.

The comments did not wait at all, and inevitably the word that comes up the most is “COMEBACK”.

Indeed, since the departures to the army of each of the members, little by little, the group BLOCK B has not made a complete comeback.

The group BLOCK B debuted in April 2011 with the title “Freeze” and their last comeback was made with the title “Shall we dance” in November 2017, and a last song “Don’t leave” in January 2018.

Would the group try to tell us that they are preparing for a huge comeback for 2023????

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS BLOCK B Members

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