iKON: An international tour and a solo single in the same year !

In black and blue tones, IKON have delighted many fans by announcing an international tour as well as a new single for rapper BOBBY!

Announcing a tour in Asia, America and Europe, this is the first time that the group is going away from the Asian borders for their tour. Some lucky Australians had been able to enjoy a concert in 2018 followed by a festival in Los Angeles in 2022 a little scheduled at the last moment following controversies, the demands of international fans were heard! The Earth in sight and obviously in a ship, we will not have further information until March 7, 2023.

What could it be? A trailer, some specific dates and locations, and the pricing range.

But the announcement of the tour was not the only news, the poster was quickly followed by another, in the same colors but not the same universe. Surprising us with the announcement of a solo single for BOBBY!

After “LUCKY MAN” in 2021, the rapper announces the release of a solo single for March 21. A new musical project that nobody expected but which is very well received and especially, very expected now!

Journalist: Anaïs
Translator: Anaïs
Source: SNS iKON

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