THE WIND: Debuts in the making

Seven-member rookie boy band THE WIND is just around the corner.


On March 16, Around Us Entertainment stated, “Our first seven-boy group has confirmed their team name as THE WIND and will officially debut this spring.”

THE WIND is a group name that contains the ambition to deliver the healing that is essential to many people like a breath of wind. On March 15, the animated logo video was released as the first educational content to announce THE WIND‘s official debut. Through this, THE WIND’s official logo and the name of the first mini-album “Beginning: The Wind Page” were unveiled.

Sunny light blue logo motion video consists of fairy tale illustration images. If you flip the bookcase with “The Wind” written on it, you’ll see seven islands seen from the sky. Among these, the first island with a telescope is in close-up, raising various questions among K-POP fans.

Around Us Entertainment‘s debut boy group THE WIND are stepping up preparations for their debut this spring. The seven members will be unveiled sequentially from this day forward.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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