JEONG SEWOON: For “Webtoon singer” he transmits emotions

JEONG SEWOON the “Singer Song-idol” perfectly transformed into a male lead character in a cartoon scene.

JEONG SEWOON appeared in the fifth episode of “Webtoon Singer” which aired on TV on the afternoon of March 17. Appearing as the singer of “Team Jang Doyeon,” he recreated a scene in “별이삼샵 (Byulisam Shop),” a webtoon by writer Hyuno.

The scene portrayed by JEONG SEWOON was the first time the male and female leads returned home on a rainy day and confirmed their feelings for each other. When the male lead couldn’t muster up the courage to confess due to his shy personality, the female lead couldn’t resist and said, “Do you love me? But why don’t you confess? -You not ?” expressing the scene in a song.

The scene reproduced by JEONG SEWOON was the highlight of the webtoon, as the author himself said, “I started drawing with this scene from the very beginning.” Regarding why he chose “She smiles” (Original song: Kim Hyung Joong), JEONG SEWOON said, “The song I’m going to sing is ‘a national call.’ woman I love.”

JEONG SEWOON appeared with an umbrella with the sound of rain from the start, prompting cheers from the audience. The rain then stopped, and the scene began in a happy and sweet tone with the band’s session. JEONG SEWOON showed explosive singing skills and sweet smiles with the lyrics, “누군가 내게 니 사랑과 행복 중 / 하나만 고르라면 택하라면 / 한치 망설임도 없이 / 언제나 난 니 행복이고 싶어“, and the audience and panel members cheered, recalling it’s a “wedding tone.”


After all the stages, writer Hyuno said, “When JEONG SEWOON sang this song, he was really like the male lead in a webtoon. If my webtoon was made into a video, I think the song sung by JEONG SEWOON would have been played as real background music“, praising the artist.

A panel member also said, “It was an emotional scene in the early 2000s. I miss it so much, but I couldn’t go back, so it was a more loving scene. It was also a scene that made the listeners feel a good and happy time“.

Since his debut in 2017, JEONG SEWOON has firmly established his position as a “song idol” based on his unique sensitivity and tone. He claims an irreplaceable presence, producing many masterpieces, including his fifth mini-album “WHERE IS MY GARDEN!” which appears on all track listings, including the title track. Furthermore, he is also active as a “all-round artist” in various fields including entertainment, radio, and essay writing.

JEONG SEWOON will hold a three-day small spring concert “THE WAVE” at Sogang University Mary Hall in Seoul from March 31 to April 2. The season when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, will convey excitement to the Haengwoons (official name of the fan club).

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Starship Entertainment

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