BAE173: A video goes viral for “Peak time”

BAE173, from the 13:00 team in “Peak Time“, shows strong performances.

With the second round of the joint match on JTBC’s “Peak Time” airing on March 15, members HANGYUL, MUJIN, JUNSEO, YUJUN, and BIT showcased the scene of “Bad” in the unit team. dance C, completing the legendary scene with perfect teamwork and sexy beauty.

The full version video of the “Bad” scene, which has attracted attention with its strong physical performances since its release, started going viral as soon as it was released exclusively on the official “Peak Time” YouTube channel, showing a incredible popularity with over 1 million views in one day.

On top of that, the video is again attracting attention, as it ranks in the top 3 “popular soaring video” on YouTube. Meanwhile, the world’s attention is also focused on the members of the dance unit C team, which got the first place and created the best scene, and among them, the attention is focused on the team 1:00 p.m., who showed off its elegant presence, sex appeal, and flexible dance line.

In addition to much-appreciated, standing ovations from the judges, including Lee Ki-kwang, Kyuhyun, and Ryan, the 13:00 team also receives enthusiastic responses from fans around the world such as “Any scene, Hangyul out In the center“. “All team members shine without exception” and “A stage where synergy explodes.

While members of BAE173, HANGYUL, MUJIN, JUNSEO, YUJUN, and BIT have proven their skills properly through “Bad,” more attention is drawn to the performance of those who perfect themselves at each stage.

Peak Time,” which showcases the charm and skill of BAE173, is available on JTBC every Wednesday night at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: JTBC

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