STARTING GIRLS: A first member and a clue

The first member of the “Starting Girls” has been revealed.


n March 20, Starting House Entertainment released the individual content of “요즘 아이들 Starting Girls” (tentative name) on their official SNS for the first time. CHAE EUN appeared as the main character who greeted the audience for the first time.

The photos released show CHAE EUN confidently making eye contact with the camera. CHAE EUN‘s white skin, big eyes, and chic atmosphere caught the eye, and her poses and confident eyes raised viewers’ expectations.

In the video, there is a point where you can get closer to CHAE EUN. She, who introduced herself as a “rainbow” has various charms. His first begins with dancing. CHAE EUN, who had a dream while attending a dance academy, expressed her strong ambition to show a hip and stylish side through group performance.

CHAE EUN said, “We have strong power that won’t give up even if it’s hard,” adding, “We want to show off our unique group color without collapsing.” CHAE EUN, who has an honest and confident presence in Starting Girls, will make an impression as she enjoys the stage.

Additionally, Starting House Entertainment sparked curiosity by unveiling the alphabet letter “A” along with CHAE EUN’s image and movie. Expectations are high for the content of the “A” message and the clues that will be used to complete the Starting Girls puzzle.


Starting Girls is a group with differentiated performance, concept planning, lyrics and choreography creation. It will make his debut in the music industry in the first half of this year. Recently, it officially opened its SNS, reporting active communication with fans.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Starting house mate

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