YUJU: A photo shoot for “Singles”

YUJU’s photo shoot for the April issue of “Singles” has been released.


On March 20, lifestyle magazine Singles announced that it had released a photo shoot of solo artist YUJU.

In the photo shoot, YUJU showed up wearing a dress with a unique design and an authentic visual concept.

YUJU, who made a comeback with her mini album “O” after a year-long hiatus, explained that the album was themed “Every life itself is a journey path.” The whole story unfolds smoothly like a trial trip.

Regarding the title song “Without U”, YUJU explained that it is an indispensable word for “You”, like a loved one, relatives or friend. She indirectly expressed her desire to be with someone.


YUJU’s mini album “O” imbues the entire track with lyrics reminiscent of friendship and brotherhood. Although this is a solo journey, it gives the feeling that you are not alone because you have a friend named “Music”.

She is generally thorough in self-management and is faithful to her routine. There are separate routines for voice control, vocalization, and breathing, such as humidity control and drinking bellflower flower juice.

In particular, she said, “the most important rule is to protect the larynx by maintaining an empty stomach for three hours before going to bed.” This habit shows his true feelings about music.

YUJU’s photoshoot can be found in the April issue of Singles and on the Single Plus website.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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