ALEXA: Meet the fans of Auckland

New Zealand K-pop fans danced and cried with K-pop star ALEXA in the middle of the street, a New Zealand broadcaster reported on March 22.


Media outlet 1News reported that K-pop fans met ALEXA on the streets of Auckland and had time to dance together. ALEXA, a Korean-American, is visiting New Zealand for a concert in Auckland on Sunday.

ALEXA said in an interview with 1News after performing a street dance with fans, “It’s good to connect with New Zealand fans.

She said: “So far, whether it’s via social media or in person, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with New Zealand fans,” adding, “It’s a great pleasure as I didn’t know there were fans all over New Zealand.”

K-pop is global and fans are all over the world. However, it’s especially great and happy to have New Zealand fans.” she added,


One fan said, “I’ve been following ALEXA for years after dancing with her,” adding, “I’m so excited because she’s finally in New Zealand. It seems unrealistic that it happened in Auckland because the K-pop scenes aren’t easy to see on the outside. It’s also kind of surreal.

Another fan who showed tears as ALEXA arrived also said it was not realistic for her to meet her.

I love her as a human being. I love her because she’s a woman who stands up for a lot of things that I believe in.” she said

She waved at us as she walked. I was very moved because I never thought I would see her,” she added.


ALEXA explained that K-pop is popular as a genre as it spans hip-hop, R&B, pop, and ballad.

There is something for every taste. K-pop is becoming increasingly popular not only in New Zealand but also around the world.

ALEXA performs at Powerhouse, a concert venue in Auckland and travels to Australia where she will also perform in Sydney and Melbourne.

Journalist:  Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS ALEXA, 1News

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