BOBBY: Succumb to the charm of “Drowning”

The A-side of the single “S.i.R” was released today, taking us into a video that is fit for a drama.

Telling a tale of mutual interest, BOBBY initially seems a bit lost in a strange universe. With the help of a mysterious card and a compass to find his goal, we are carried along with a stimulating rhythm, it’s hard to stay still during the listening of “Drowning“.

The duet with SOLE works very well, the voice of the singer fits particularly well with the melody and perfectly fits the atmosphere that the rapper wanted to give. However, the singer was not the only one invited to this project. The many fans could see the former division “Full DaSH“, a group that existed during the show “KINGDOM: Legendary war” consisting of BOBBY, HWIYOUNG (SF9) and SUNWOO (The Boyz).

Not forgetting his friend and band member DK (Dong-Hyuk) who appears as his evil twin’s accomplice in this clip.

If you haven’t pre-ordered the single “S.i.R” yet, you still have three days, click here to find the links of the different pre-order sites. You will receive your albums from March 24th, official release.

And you, did you enjoy this comeback ?

Journalist: Anaïs
Translator: Anaïs
Source: iKON SNS

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