KINGDOM: Aerial intensity in performance

KINGDOM unveils its performance video.

GF Entertainment‘s group KINGDOM is releasing a performance video of its latest single “혼 (魂; Dystopia)” today.

This video therefore focuses on the performance of the choreography of the seven members, HWON, DANN, JAHAN, MUJIN, LOUIS, ARTHUR and IVAN, of KINGDOM. With, among other things, the neat and delicate movements which underline the notes of the traditional instruments, but also the different accessories and aerofoils to give a more airy depth and the percussive movements of the choruses giving all the intensity of the group.

KINGDOM made its comeback on March 23 with its album “History Of Kingdom: PartⅥ. MUJIN” featuring member MUJIN and continued its promotional activities.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube KINGDOM

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