BTS: The month of J-HOPE leaving the army

J-HOPE, a member of the group BTS, will join the army after JIN.


The Big Hit Music agency said on its official Weverse fan community on April 1,

J-HOPE will join the army as an active soldier to fulfill his military service obligations.”

Although the exact date of J-HOPE‘s enlistment is not known, he will join the military during this month and no separate official event will take place.

The agency said, “The entrance ceremony is a place where a large number of soldiers and their families gather. In order to prevent security accidents caused by congestion at the site, fans should refrain from visiting site. We ask that you send warm greetings and encouragement to J-HOPE only with your heart.

Prior to joining the military, J-HOPE was active with the release of his solo single “ON THE STREET (with J. Cole)” and in a number of broadcast programs. In particular, he appeared on KBS 2TV’s music show “The Seasons-Park Jae-beom’s Drive” and said, “You are the driving force that keeps me going, creating and delivering results. And I’ll come back from the army safe and sound.

Moreover, during a live broadcast after completing his broadcasting activities, he thought:

“Since JIN joined the army, when should I do it? I decided to come back as soon as possible and show you better performances”,

He then said, “I’m afraid I can adapt well, aren’t I?” and “I am thinking about the kind of life I should live after being discharged from the military,” adding that he also called JIN, who is currently in the military, for advice.

After JIN, J-HOPE was also confirmed to join the army this month, while other members are also expected to fulfill their defense duties sequentially. Within BTS, five members are preparing to join the army in the future: SUGA (born in 1993), RM (born in 1994), JIMIN (born in 1995), V (born in 1995) and JUNGKOOK (born in in 1997).

Earlier, Bang Si Hyuk attended the Kwanhun Forum held at the Seoul Press Center and expressed his position on enlisting BTS members and resuming activities in 2025. He said, “This is not It was not “I will resume” in 2025, but “I hope that we and the members can resume by 2025”. Therefore, I don’t want you to consider this as a target year. The army will not be resolved as planned, but it is necessary to prepare for a return even after the departures.” However, he explained that both sides agreed that it was not a “vain hope“, but that they were really going to “actively try“.

Regarding the contract renewal, he also said, “As you well know, the renewal of the contracts of BTS group members has a great social impact. In the case of BTS, the duration of the contract has been disclosed for the sake of transparency, and there is still time. We will talk about it during this time, and it will be in an honest way to the artists and the fans, to let you know when everything is fixed.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : SNS Big Hit Music

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