Wednesday, October 4, 2023

MONSTA X: A first subunit

MONSTA X‘s first sub-unit will be formed from its debut. SHOWNU and HYUNGWON will be the members.


According to Korean media outlet TV Report, members SHOWNU and HYUNGWON are gearing up to debut as subunits this summer. SHOWNU and HYUNGWON are the “main dancer” and “lead dancer” of MONSTA X, respectively, and through this sub-unit, they are expected to show the best synergy with colorful visuals and intense performances for this summer.

Forming a sub-unit with SHOWNU and HYUNGWON attracts more attention as it is SHOWNU’s first activity after returning from military service. SHOWNU, the oldest member of MONSTA X, was the first member to join the military in July 2021 to serve as a social worker and was discharged on April 21 this year.

HYUNGWON is the most versatile member of MONSTA X and is active in various fields, including group activities, DJing, acting, and MC of “SBS Inkigayo,” which he recently joined. MONSTA X‘s third album proved his production ability with his own song “Nobody else” and produced AB6IX’s “Complicated”, Kihyun’s solo mini albums “BAD LIAR” and “WHERE IS THIS LOVE“.

MONSTA X, which switched to a five-member system with member MIN HYUK who joined the military on the 4th of last month, will step up their individual activities by releasing a first solo album in eight years since its debut on May 22. After JOOHEON, SHOWNU and HYUNGWON’s sub-unit activities should ease the disappointment of fans who won’t be able to see the group’s full activities at this time.

MONSTA X debuted in 2015 with their first mini album “TRESPASS”, and MONSTA X released hit songs such as “Shoot out“, “Dramarama”,Love killa“, and “Gambler”. In August last year, except for member I.M., SHOWNU, MINHYUK, KIHYUN, HYUNGWON, and JOOHEON renewed their contracts with Starship Entertainment.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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