KIOF: Heartbeats that bring life

The identity film of the new female group KISS OF LIFE has been released.

KISS OF LIFE IDENTITY FILM”, which was unveiled on its official SNS at midnight on May 26, contains a video of a heart trapped in deep sand shining and beating violently against the backdrop of desolate ground. The heart, which delivered a strong impact in a mysterious and unique appearance, later transformed into the logo of “KISS OF LIFE” and attracted attention.

The identity film, released today, has raised expectations by expressing the message that it will breathe new life into the music industry with fresh music, which is what the group name “KISS OF LIFE” means, in the high-impact video.

Earlier, “KISS OF LIFE,” which was unveiled through such video trailer and silhouette teasers reminiscent of movie posters, will continue its first promotion by unveiling various contents.

KISS OF LIFE is a new four-member girl group consisting of NATTY, BELL, JULIE and HANEUL, and is set to make their official debut in July.

Jpournalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: S2 Entertainment

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