PENTAGON: Two days of concerts for special memories

The group PENTAGON made unforgettable memories with the fan club “Universe” through a fan concert.


The PENTAGON fan concert “PENTAGON 2023 FAN CONCERT – Japan” was held at NHK Hall in Japan on May 24-25. During the fan concert, which attracted approximately 6,000 offline and online viewers for two days, PENTAGON created special memories with its fans.

The fan concert consists of songs, talks and games with PENTAGON which have been enjoyed by many fans, and consists of time to show off the group’s colorful charms.

That day, PENTAGON appeared on stage singing its signature song “Shine.” After finishing the song, PENTAGON greeted the fans in Japanese and Korean, which got the local fans excited.

PENTAGON then shared its recent status with fans during the opening speech and had time to bond.


The group also held a moment to reflect on PENTAGON’s music from its debut until now, revealing various trivia related to the group’s music, such as “the most memorable music video” and “the most difficult song“, satisfying the curiosity of fans.

PENTAGON captured the hearts of fans by showing various charms through the group stage, unit stage, and individual stage. Additionally, the group showcased the chemistry and teamwork of the PENTAGON members through a moment of play.

Finally, through the so-called “봄나리” stage, which mixes the representative songs “Shine” and “Spring snow”, PENTAGON sang passionately with the fans and impressed them by showing sincere passion for the stage.

Finally, PENTAGON stated, “We have been dreaming of meeting the Universes (fans of the group) until now. We are so happy that today is not a dream but a reality. This reality ends today, but We believe you will want to see us again soon. We want to spend a lot of happy time with Universes in the future. We love you from the bottom of our hearts. We will sing for Universes forever,” expressing his gratitude to fans.

PENTAGON will continue its activities in 2023.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Cube Entertainment

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