UKISS: Collaborative teasing

UKISS member SOOHYUN will collaborate with singer-songwriter O.WHEN.


SOOHYUN released a teaser image for the collaboration song “계절” featuring SOOHYUN and O.When on its official SNS on May 25. In the photo, SOOHYUN and O.When doubled down on the heat on this outing together. The photos particularly attract attention by predicting the different charms of the two artists through various gaze treatments.


“계절” is an engaging ballad with unique group sounds and lyrics that describe everyday memories, from the day of love to the day of parting. SOOHYUN’s appealing vocals were added to the modern rock-style electric guitar sound to enhance the song’s completeness.

SOOHYUN’s digital single “계절” will be released on May 29, following HOON’s solo song “Mea rosa” as part of his 15th anniversary project. Expectations are high for the type of music SOOHYUN, who has performed solo songs such as “Snowman,” “You,” and “The soju fairy,” will feature.


UKISS will continue its 15th anniversary project by releasing SOOHYUN’s solo song “계절” on various music sites at noon on May 29.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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