Monday, December 4, 2023

TXT: Today, discover the collaboration with the Jonas Brothers

TOMORROW X TOGETHER and Jonas Brothers collaboration single “DO IT LIKE THAT” will finally be unveiled.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER will release the sound source and music video for “Do it like that,” a song in collaboration with Jonas Brothers, who will be responsible for the playlist for global listeners this summer, at 1 p.m. KST on July 7.

Do it like that” is a summer-tempo dance song that expresses a moment of ecstatic love. The catchy chorus that you can’t forget once you listen to it is appealing, and the refreshing tones of TOMORROW X TOGETHER and Jonas Brothers along the rhythmic, addictive Top Line make listeners feel like they’re going on vacation.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER shared various stories about the new single via Big Hit Music. SOOBIN, who touted “Do it like that” as “the best summer song of 2023,” said, “It’s an optimized song to listen to in summer more than any other season,” adding, “An exciting song that gets you going away from the heat! I prepared hard in my spare time, so I hope everyone enjoys it together.

YEONJUN said, “I grew up listening to Jonas Brothers music, but I couldn’t believe we were working together like this. The chorus is catchy and the melody is easy, so everyone can sing along quickly,” he presented with confidence.

BEOMGYU said, “It was my first time recording in the United States, so it was a very interesting and new experience,” and added, “It will be exciting to listen to it while driving.

TAEHYUN said, Do it like that,” completed with the Jonas Brothers, is a meaningful song that is considered the best collaboration of the year. There’s a melodic part that Joe Jonas spreads like a gunshot, and I love that part the most.”

HUENINGKAI emphasized, “I recommend it when you travel with your friends or when you want to think of a happy time!” and added, “Always be healthy and this single is really good, so I hope you enjoy it very much. I love you,” not forgetting to say hello to his fans.

Do it like that” was highly anticipated thanks to the close collaboration between TOMORROW X TOGETHER and Jonas Brothers. The unified concept photos released by the two groups each gave a different kind of enjoyment, and the track’s teaser video featuring TOMORROW X TOGETHER and Jonas Brothers grooving to the music has over 130 million views.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS TXT

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