Saturday, December 9, 2023
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TREASURE : A second full album loaded with emotions and surprises

A new chapter is about to begin in the journey of fans of YG Entertainment‘s TREASURE, as the group prepares to make a sensational comeback with their second full album. This highly anticipated musical creation consists of ten enchanting tracks that promise to captivate hearts and elevate spirits of fans worldwide.

The title track of the album, titled “Bona Bona,” hints at an enchanting melody coupled with significant lyrics. The teasers released so far have transported fans into a mysterious and dark-hued world, suggesting a powerful and emotionally charged performance. TREASURE’s members seem ready to showcase a new facet of their talents, captivating audiences with their undeniable charisma.

One of the distinctive features of this album is that each track has been composed by the members themselves, demonstrating their artistic involvement and passion for music. The soundscapes of this opus offer a variety of musical styles, ranging from pop-rock tones to captivating Latin influences. This diversity showcases the group’s artistic evolution while remaining true to their musical roots.

Among the ten tracks, fans can expect a delightful surprise with “Stupid,” a tribute to their iconic seniors, Big Bang. According to rumors, this song will bear a faint resemblance to Big Bang’s classic “Stupid Liar,” but with a distinctive touch from TREASURE.

This heartwarming gesture showcases the respect and admiration the members hold for their seniors while marking their own unique musical identity.

Anticipation for TREASURE’s second full album continues to grow, and fans are eager to discover the musical treasures the members have prepared.

The release day is scheduled for July 28, a day that promises to be memorable for Treasure Makers (the group’s fandom).

So, stay tuned, as TREASURE is about to unveil an extraordinary musical adventure that will shine in all its colors!

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Translator: Nour

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