Monday, December 4, 2023

STAYC: The program is announced, the madness will begin

Group STAYC has entered the countdown to its comeback.

STAYC has released a calendar image for its third mini album “TEENFRESH,” which will be released on August 16 on their official SNS on July 24.

According to the schedule, the title track of STAYC’s third mini album is “Bubble”. STAYC will release the album on the 16th of next month after unveiling the album trailer film and photo, three concept photo releases, medley and music video teaser for “Bubble” sequentially, starting with pre-orders for the original, US and Digipack releases on July 25.

In addition, various contents will be prepared to enjoy the festival according to the theme of this album, “Arcade”. On July 26, the “Bubble-arcade” site will be open to give an overview of the atmosphere of this one. On the return day, a showcase will take place at the Lotte World Garden Stage and 300 people will be given free passes to Lotte World.

In addition to teaser content, STAYC is preparing events for fans to attend and enjoy in person, further raising the throwback fever. STAYC, which has entertained fans with unique attempts and collaborations in each album, is making fans more and more curious, working on another aspect that will be shown through this album.

“TEENFRESH” is STAYC’s first release in about six months since their fourth single “TEDDY BEAR” in February. STAYC attracts the expectations of fans around the world by advertising the positive energy of orange flavored soft drinks as well as its “Teen fresh” charm.

STAYC’s third mini album “TEENFRESH” will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. KST on August 16.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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