Monday, October 2, 2023

AN SHINAE: A new single “RESPECT”

Singer AN SHINAE showed off her dreamy aura.


AN SHINAE released a concept photo of her new digital single “RESPECT” on her official SNS at 7 p.m. KST on September 16.

In the photo posted that day, AN SHINAE shows a deep mood with a dark red background behind her. She grabbed attention by pulling off her unique look perfectly. In addition, it exudes varied charms depending on the angle, transposing a strange atmosphere. In another black and white photo, AN SHINAE displays a visual that is both chic and charming, arousing the admiration of viewers.

Earlier, AN SHINAE signed an exclusive contract with PNATION to announce the release of her new album. In particular, starting from Hwasa’s “I love my body“, the live video of the “Composer Version” of the artists who participated in the writing and composition was released sequentially, and even uploaded the “홀로” video on the same day.


This new album is an album with a message that you can respect yourself with support and comfort through “Respect”, which contains a natural and honest feel.

AN SHINAE plans to release a new digital single “RESPECT” on various online music sites on September 21 at noon.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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