Monday, October 2, 2023

AB6IX: A concert in Bangkok before leaving for America

AB6IX group held “THE FUTURE” world tour in BANGKOK at “SHOW DC ULTRA ARENA” in Bangkok, Thailand on the 16th and had a great time with local fans.

AB6IX, who appeared to the enthusiastic cheers of fans, opened the door to the show with colorful performances with “Resonance”, “Savior” and “Absolute”.

After the opening performance, AB6IX greeted the fans in Thai. They sang “Bloom” and “Close”, which gave fans a bright and exciting scene thanks to the “Einstein” scene.

The show was filled with a variety of performances not only the main songs “Sugarcoat”,The answer” and “Loser”, but also the moving “Along winter” and “우리가 헤어졌던 이유 Part.2“, as well as the fascinating “Crow” and “Complicated”.

In particular, a surprise birthday party prepared by fans for KIM DONGHYUN, one day before his birthday, was held, and just as he made a wish and thanked fans, the cake appeared with the song of birthday, and, fans sang AB6IX’sShining stars” together, adding a lot of emotions.

At the end of the concert, AB6IX performed “Red up” and “Be there” with strong performances “It’s been a while since I came to Thailand, thank you for waiting and creating unforgettable memories. I think we need to work harder to repay you. We will continue to show you how we grow, so please walk with us. I love you

AB6IX then successfully concluded their meeting with fans by showing perfect manners on stage to get closer to fans and actively communicate with them through the final song “1, 2, 3“.

Meanwhile, AB6IX is set to continue its world tour in the Americas starting in November, with Chicago on November 3, Jersey City on November 5. It plans to create more memories with fans around the world in Atlanta on the 7th, Dallas on the 9th, San Francisco on the 11th and Los Angeles on the 12th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Brandnew Music

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