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RAIN: After seven years, a series of concerts in the USA

Singer RAIN will perform a solo concert in the United States for the first time in seven years.

November 22 (Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena in Atlantic City), November 25 (MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas)

Singer RAIN will perform a solo concert “STILL RAINING” to meet American K-pop fans for the first time in seven years. This concert is the first time in seven years since “THE SQUALL” Asian tour held in 2016.

In response, the title of the show “STILL RAINING” also arouses the curiosity of fans around the world who have been waiting for RAIN’s concert.

STILL RAINING” will be filled with many hits from singer RAIN, beloved in the music industry, as well as a variety of stages where fans around the world can experience the globalized timeline of K-pop. Once again, RAIN’s powerful energy, which will deeply impress fans, raises expectations.

In order to present a differentiated performance that has never been attempted before, we are preparing for a more sensational stage than ever before.” Singer RAIN has influenced national artists by being included in TIME’s 100 influential people in 2006 and 2011.

In 2006, he gave a solo performance at Caesars Palace Hotel (Las Vegas), where world-class shows are held. Beyond the United States and Asia, it consolidates its position as the “KING of K-pop” in many regions of the world.

Additionally, the “STILL RAINING” tour concerts are held at the suggestion of Alex Kang, CEO of IPE. Alex Kang, CEO of Infinity Prospects Entertainment, said: “We are very excited about RAIN coming to the US market. The “STILL RAINING” tour will be the last concert. And I’m so excited to meet the K-pop fans in the United States and the K-pop legend again.

Singer RAIN said, “It’s been a long time since I met American K-pop fans at a solo concert like this, so I’m very excited and looking forward to it.

“As this is my first time in seven years hosting a solo concert, I hope this will be a time for American K-pop fans to further immerse themselves in the charm of K-pop through my music and my scene”, a-t-il déclaré.

RAIN released a single “DOMESTIC” on Mnet Street Man Fighter last year and carried out various entertainment activities. He performed with top K-pop artists, confirming his solid popularity.

RAIN recently finished filming the Disney Plus drama “화인가스캔들” and will continue to be active in various fields including broadcasting and entertainment, starting with the overseas tour of “STILL RAINING” in November.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: RAIN Company

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  • Anonymous

    My sister Going visit so She and her best freind Exciting to go soon! I m driving and drop her from airport and they are on way to visit! Enjoy!!!!!

  • Katie Torres

    Where can I get tickets

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Rain’s INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL voice, energy and swag. When do tickets go on sale, and will they be sold through Ticketmaster?

  • Anonymous

    How much the ticket


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