Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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ATEEZ: First Fashion Week for HONGJOONG

During Paris Fashion Week, HONGJOONG, as a new member of the “Balmain Army”, attended the spring-summer 2024 women’s collection fashion show and the presentation of the 2024 Balmain men’s collection.

On September 5, the French fashion house Balmain announced the leader of ATEEZ, HONGJOONG, as a new member of the “Balmain army”, a group of influencers and celebrities chosen by artistic director Olivier Rousteing. An announcement which led to countless reactions from ATINYs (fandom name).

HONGJOONG‘s presence at the Balmain fashion show had already made a splash when he left Seoul. Indeed, the latter greeted the press before his flight in an outfit exclusively composed of Balmain pieces enhancing the style of the ATEEZ leader. A professional outfit and attitude praised by the group’s fans and the journalists present on site.

On September 27, the captain of ATEEZ (name given to ATEEZ leader), made his debut appearance as a member of the “Balmain army” by attending the spring-summer 2024 women’s collection show.  HONGJOONG was warmly welcomed by the fans present on site and gave several interviews sharing his joy to be present at this show. The latter dressed in pieces from the latest men’s collection of the fashion house was notably seen alongside QUAVO, American rapper and singer, showing once again the growing popularity of the group.

Moreover, HONGJOONG also participated at the Balmain presentation on Friday, September 29. Once again, the leader of ATEEZ showed an impeccable look and true to himself. Indeed, the latter dressed in the latest pieces from the 2024 men’s collection enhanced the private event of the Parisian fashion house.

Finally, ATEEZ will be present at « SBS INKIGAYO LIVE in TOKYO » which will take place on October 3 and 4. 

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura

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