Wednesday, November 29, 2023

JANG WOO HYUK: One last photo before the single

The final concept photo of JANG WOO HYUK‘s new song “I feel hope” has been released.


WH CREATIVE agency released the final concept image of JANG WOO HYUK’s fifth single album “I FEEL HOPE” on October 2. The image of JANG WOO HYUK lying on the green lawn wearing a bright pink shirt makes viewers feel better.

A slight smile surrounds the mouth of JANG WOO HYUK, lying on a cushion. The deep gaze of JANG WOO HYUK, who faces the camera, looks quietly in a refreshing atmosphere as if a gentle wind is blowing. The title logo with an open expression is also perfect.

Through the three concept photos released so far, JANG WOO HYUK has shown various charms with different title logos and costumes. Fans are excited about what JANG WOO HYUK will look like, who is always blazing his own path with new concepts and unparalleled performances.

JANG WOO HYUK‘s fifth single album, “I FEEL HOPE”, will be released with an additional cover image and two music videos.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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