NU’EST W : a long awaited comeback

     On October 10th, group NU’EST held its long awaited comeback showcase as the sub unit NU’EST W at the Yes24 Hall.

    Their last comeback as 5 was in August 2016 with their 5th mini album « CANVAS » and the song « Love paint ». It was in 2017 that the group was in the Korean headlines, announcing the participation of four out of the five members in the show « Produce 101 Season 2 » : JR (Jonghyun), BAEKHO (Dongho), REN (Minki) et MINHYUN. ARON had refused to participate. Following their participation, the members were able to shine in front of the public and the four of them reached the finals, while one of the members even succeeded to be selected for WANNA ONE.
In July, the group also released a song to thank the fans for their support « If You ».

    They started their showcase with a photo time: JR, ARON, REN and lastly BAEKHO.

    Then, followed the performance of their title song, « Where You At », which has a catchy melody and a powerful choreography, perfectly portrayed by the charisma of the members on stage. And the MV was shown.

    The time to interact with the four members and the journalist thus came.
    ARON  talked about an anecdote which scared him during the shooting of the M/V,  a ghost story: he had heard a « boom », but the staff told him it wasn’t them and he heard it a second time which made him run to the car in fear.
He is also thankful to the members for their participation in Produce 101, since they were able to gain popularity and attention.

used to have a more « fantasy » image during the previous area, but now, his physical appearance has changed and it is the one that fans prefer.

BAEKHO mentioned that they hope to be first place in a music show. And also said that it has been more than 10 years since they were together, and they still find themselves having fun.

     The boys performed another song of their album “Just One Day(하루만)” and this is how NU’EST W‘s showcase ended.

    The MV of “Where U At” was revealed and you can now enjoy it.

Journalist: Camille
Photograph: Camille

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