BVNDIT : The prologue of the debuts.

     The new group of MNH Entertainment unveils a “prologue” before their debuts.

     At midnight, today in Korea, MNH Entertainment unveils the prologue of its new girls group BVNDIT. Five young women supported by their “big sister” CHUNGHA, who worked hard to make their official debut.

     This teaser reveals the 5 members of BVNDIT (Be Ambitious N Do IT), SEUNGEUN, SIMYEONG, YIYEON, SONGHEE and JUNGWOO. They show us both a charming and funny side.

     Without knowing the style that the group will adopt for its debuts, we already fall in love with these 5 girls.

      At the end of the teaser a calendar announces the date of Wednesday, April 10th. So be ready.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : SNS MNH Entertainment

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