HO1IDAY : They are discovered one after the other.

     A new group of girls HO1IDAY, two of whom are former members of the group MyB, is starting to make a name for itself.

      At Brickworks Company, several trainees were recruited to create a new group of girls called HO1IDAY.

      Composed of 5 girls, HARU, SAEBYEOK, DANY, CHEONGEUM and HEEJO, the group trains on different covers to prove itself in dance.

     For a month members have unveiled, each turn videos of presentations.

       For fans who follow the singers closely, they will have noticed that HARU and HEEJOO are not novices. Indeed the 2 members belonged to the group MyB which disbanded in December 2016.

      Let’s hope that this new beginning is as beneficial as possible, and successful.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : SNS HO1IDAY

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