CRAYON POP : ELLIN collaborates for the title of BJ BOGYUM.

     CRAYON POP‘s ELLIN participated in the new single of BJ BOGYUM.

crqyon pop ellin

   The young woman wrote on Instagram “스위트 문 (Sweet Moon) ‘,’ 나와 함께 ‘많이 사랑 해주세요! 근데 오빠 사진 실화 임 임 임 …? (‘ Sweet moon ‘,’ 나와 함께 ‘give us a lot of love. The photo of Oppa is a true story) “.

     BJ BOGYUM will release a new single and it’s on the title “Sweet Moon” that ELLIN will come to put his voice.

     That same day, BJ BOGYUM also broadcast live on Africa TV the announcement of his debut as a singer.

bj bogyum

   “If I win the Top 100 on Melon, you can really marry me.” said BJ BOGYUM.

     “If that’s the case, we should get married,” said ELLIN.

     BJ BOGYUM is a creator with over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Journalist : Shawn

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