ATEEZ : They announce their comeback.

    Group ATEEZ will make its comeback.


   Their agency KQ Entertainment said today: “ATEEZ will be back with their third mini-album, and expect to talk about ATEEZ, with this 180-degree image showing different capabilities.”

     With the publication of this photo that shifts visually compared to their previous mini-album, ATEEZ arouse curiosity.

     Previously, ATEEZ toured 10 European cities, and five in the United States, which allowed for a world tour.

     Although this is their first tour abroad, ATEEZ has shown outstanding performance and potential as a rookie. Thanks to this comeback, they will show not only the faces of the new idols of the next generation, but also a presence as high-level rookies.

     ATEEZ, whose performances and stage control are unmatched on every comeback, will feature in the main program of the “KCON JAPAN 2019” from July 17th to 19th.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : KQ Entertainment

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