A.C.E : They don’t disappoint their fans.

  Group A.C.E is making a comeback with a powerful new MV.

   A.C.E, consisting of JUN, DONGHUN, KIM BYEONGKWAN, CHAN and WOW, is back with the title “Undercover“.

     This new MV will delight the fans, the “rap line” is put forward from the beginning to immediately pause the masculine power of the title. It will be followed by the vocals that will soften the game, as if to prepare to take off during the chorus that will embark you in a choreography as we love them at A.C.E.

     The images of the MV highlight each member of the group, tenderness, sexy, powerful and energy are the words that could sum up this comeback. Several phrases appear throughout the MV “tik tak”, “Blow, blow, wind”, “This boy is not a toy” … highlighting some aspect of everything around them.

     We let you savor this new MV and discover the new mini-album of A.C.EUNDER COVER“.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : Beat Interactive.

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