LOVELYZ : “Alwayz 2”, three days of announced success.

     LOVELYZ were today in concert for their second solo show “ALWAYZ 2“.

LOVELYZ 20 (11)

     Today August 2nd, 2019 at the olympic hall of the Olympic Park in Seoul, LOVELYZ group (KEI, MI JOO, YE IN, SU JEONG, JI SOO, JI AE, BABY SOUL and JIN) performed for its second solo concert “ALWAYZ 2“. This is the first date in a series of 3 concerts, during which girls will perform in front of more than 7000 people.

But let’s hurry, the room is gradually filling up, and already the fan songs are heard. With an audience of 80% male, the voice of fans resonates strongly in the room while waiting for the appearance of girls. The group encourages us to use our vocal chords throughout the concert before finally appearing on stage under a thunder of applause. The lightsticks light up and the show begins.

To launch the show, it is a video that takes us to Yongma Land, an abandoned amusement park that many kpop fans know. And the first title that really starts the show is “지금, 우리“. On this one, the girls wear sparkling outfits on the theme of the ocean; blue, white and golden with pretty starfish pearls.

LOVELYZ 20 (2)

     The first “Ment (speaking time)” will allow members to introduce themselves. The girls explaining that it’s been a year since they made their first concert, and ask the fans present if they were not too eager to find them here.

LOVELYZ 20 (3)

    Afterwards the girls will link their different titles with “졸린 꿈“, in which a bed and an armchair are taken on stage. Girls gaining vivacity, seeming quite stressed for this song. On “라푼젤“, the group’s confidence progresses, their voices carry more and delight fans already conquered.

     The show continues with the songs “놀이 공원” and “퐁당“, the girls making sure during the “ment” that the fans are always in good shape.

LOVELYZ 20 (4)

      During a new moment of talk, which also allows girls to catch their breath. They talk about what they would like to do during their vacations, like going swimming, eating, relaxing in a hotel or at home watching movies and eating snacks, going to Jeju (one of the members having her sister there lives for her work), in a hotel to use the room service and drink wine or to rest in front of the TV with the air conditioning. Will the girls send a message to their agency ( 😉 )?

    The show is just beginning and the group goes on immediately with the song “수채화“. A shower of rose petals falls from the ceiling to accompany the ballad, giving a very romantic and serene effect.

LOVELYZ 20 (6)

    To announce a change of atmosphere, a video is showned. We see the girls playing at the location of an outdoor shoot, they must find balls hidden by the technical team. These ones contain a “new age ranking” to decide the level of politeness to be used in the language, as well as the comfort offered to sit.

    We then move on to the time of the show called “Unit 3 colors“. In a new setting, the girls perform different titles.

What if they took you to wonderland? Hush … To find out, you will have to attend the concert.

LOVELYZ 20 (7)

     In order to return to the theme of the show, a new video game around a meal is broadcasted. Who will eat and who will ask others to share? By what means will they do it? …

Before going on to the tracks “Love game” and “Close to you“, the girls appear on stage in new  and more casual outfits: in shorts, jeans, crop tops. And during the second title, a surprise awaits the fans present.

The show continues with the titles “미요 미요 해“, “1CM“, “Shinning star” and “여름 한 조각” that take us into the world of LOVELYZ. The girls explaining that entering the world of LOVELYZ was a chance for them and that each of the fans present was a gift. To thank them, they go closer to the people, to give them the maximum of love and gratitude.

The concert continues with more emotionally intense games and moments, the girls being dressed in white robes to show their musical purity.

The highlight of the show comes with the song “Ah-Choo“. The audience screams, the pink lightsticks flutter in every direction and the girls take the opportunity to let the fans sing in their place during a short moment.

    As the concert comes to an end, the girls thank the musicians who accompanied them, as well as the staff, the agency and their families.

     But, a good concert of Kpop not being one if there is no “ENCORE“, a small video is showned before the group performs on the title “그대 에게“. The audience, feeling the end approaching, accentuate its presence. The girls once again thank everyone individually and express their feelings on this 5th show (including a concert and a fanmeeting). They want the public to get back home safely, take a refreshing shower and have sweet dreams. However, they are not sad because there are still two days of concerts and they reveal that the program is different every day (Day 1: cover ballads / Day 2:
cover dance / Day 3: remix).

LOVELYZ 20 (12)

    The show ends with the titles “어제 처럼” and “굿나잇“, during which the fans organized a banner event.

“그 시절 우리가 사랑했던 러블리즈”

      LOVELYZ will be in concert again tomorrow and August 4th for those who would like to see them again or those who have not seen them yet.

The word of our reporter: “Group LOVELYZ really has its own style, which makes us love it or not. Each of the songs really have the LOVELYZ touch, so it’s impossible to make a mistake listening to it. “

Journalist: Shawn
Reporter: PILLET Anaïs
Source: KSTATION TV / WOOLLIM Entertainment

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