TAEYEON : Fourth excerpt from her new album.

The singer TAEYEON unveils an excerpt from the 4th track of her new album.

Today, SM Entertainment unveiled the teaser of the song “Do you love me” from TAEYEON‘s second album “PURPOSE” on her official channel.

In the middle of the meadows, taking a glass of wine or reading a good book, TAEYEON sits with a relaxed attitude letting herself be caressed by the soft rays of the sun.

This album is particularly different for TAEYEON. Music is the most important thing in a young woman’s life. It contains a total of 12 songs, some of which, “The Four Seasons” and “Blue,” will only appear on the physical album.

TAEYEON, meanwhile, will release her new album “PURPOSE” on the main music venues at 6pm KST October 28th.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source : SNS SNSD

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