SATURDAY : Girls live on the radio.

The group of girls SATURDAY revealed all its charm.


SATURDAY appeared on TBS eFM “All Things K-Pop”, airing this afternoon.

That day, SATURDAY responded to the listeners’ messages with a refreshing voice and maintained a pleasant atmosphere with a variety of discussions, such as stories about Halloween costumes and faces of members, places they recommended to visit.

Your reaction is like a cartoon,” said DJ Kilagram reacting to the group’s reaction. DJ Alexander has also shown his affection for SATURDAY by stating: “SATURDAY, you must be in entertainment shows.”

Asked about its goal for 2019, SATURDAY, who directed its very addictive title “WiFi” live, replied: “We think we would be grateful if SATURDAY was on the music charts in good position” and DJ Kilagram added “I encourage you a lot for the charts“.

Finally, SATURDAY said: “We have been happy to be here with our fans through this live show.We will work hard in the future, so please give us a lot of love.

SATURDAY is currently in full promotion with their title “BByong.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source :  TBS eFM ‘All Things K-Pop

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