CL : Nothing is decided yet.

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CL, 2NE1‘s a former member, discusses a contract with her agency.


Regarding a report that the signing of a new contract with CL has not been announced, YG Entertainment said Thursday night that she was in talks with the company.

Earlier in the day, Sports Today had announced the failure of signing a renewal contract between CL and YG Entertainment, but it was confirmed that the subject was under discussion.

CL debuted in 2009 with the four-member group of girls, 2NE1, CL has been pursuing her solo career since the group’s dissolution in 2016, renewing her contract with YG Entertainment. Since entering the United States, she has not conducted any musical activity in Korea.

CL fans wait to see if the young woman will find an agreement with YG Entertainment or if she will leave the agency forever.

Journalist : Shawn
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Source : MYDAILY / SNS YG Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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