GOO HA RA : Sadly she left to join Sully.

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With this new announcement, the entertainment industry is in shock.


The police today confirmed the death of the singer and actress GOO HA RA, moreover the police force is in full investigation to define exactly the causes of this death. To determine if the former singer of the group KARA would have made an extreme choice. According to the police, GOO HA RA was found dead at home around 18 hours.

GOO HA RA was known as one of the best friends of singer SULLY who unfortunately died less than two months ago. And since then, GOO HA RA seemed to be overly affected by this disappearance.

Following this announcement, celebrities Harisu, Chae Ri-na and Kim So-i paid tribute to the deceased. The singer and actress Ha Risu wrote about her SNS: “Unfortunately … I’m so sad … May you be happy in heaven, I offer you my condolences.”

Chae Ri-na, a member of the Roo’ra group, also said on her SNS: “It’s so sad, I’m so sad, I can see one of my younger colleagues going back.

Kim So-i also wrote about her SNS: “I immediately gave up what I was doing for my birthday, my heart breaks, goodbye, rest in peace“.

After the dissolution of the group, GOO HA RA worked between South Korea and Japan. Recently, she started a new career in June by signing a contract with a Japanese agency called Production Ogi.

A new artist has gone, KSTATION TV sends its sincere condolences to the artist’s family and her entourage. A lot of kpop fans are also touched by this sad news. The Korean media continues to urge people in distress to contact specialists to talk about it.

If you need professional help because of difficult issues such as depression, you can get 24/7 listening by calling the suicide hotline ☎1577-0199, the phone of Hope ☎129, the phone’s life ☎1588-9191 and youth phone ☎1388.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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