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TST : They invite you for “Adieu”.

Group TST publishes a new teaser for “Adieu“.

The 4 members of TST, AIN, YOHAN, JUNGHOON and YONGHYUN unveil a fifth teaser. In this one, the members come to send you an invitation.

After each member unveiled their teaser, several words appeared at the end of the “Important”, “Eternally”, “Dear” and “Always” videos sending a message to fans and showing their importance.

The fans are still mixed on this service which is called “Adieu” and which some already qualify as a conclusion. Between concern and happiness to see their group on stage the fans are impatient that this happens. The fans are reassured anyway because the group published a few days ago a picture “coming soon” with the date of January 2nd.


Group TST will hold a new show to meet their fans on December 22nd at the M pot Hall in Seoul.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source : KJMUSIC Enteratinment

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