GREAT GUYS: Concerts in Europe

It’s official, group GREAT GUYS will travel in Europe in May for a long-awaited concert.


The good news was announced today, theDNA Entertainment’s group, GREAT GUYS will start its European tour. The announcement was made by PJMusic, organizer of K-event and concerts on Twitter. The tour will take place in May in various European countries.

During their tour, JAE I, HO RYEONG, DONG HWI, UI YEON, DA UN, HWAL CHAN, DONG IN, HAN EUL and BAEK GYEOL will make a stopover in different European cities for a concert. Even if the dates are not yet announced, fans can already rejoice in this surprise. We just have to wait for other information to be given.

Journalist: Nana
Translator: Shawn
Source: PJMusic_Official

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