IKON: Flamboyant and more impactful lyrics.

Some lyrics of the new song from the group IKONDive” have been released.


The agency of the group IKON, YG Entertainment published this morning a poster of the third mini-album of the group “i DECIDE”, and some words of the song “Dive” on its official blog.

In the context of this conflagration, the steadfast eyes and the charisma of the members stand out.

Above all, “기꺼이 네 세상에 갇 힐게 (I want to get stuck in your world)“, “벼랑 끝에 세운 다면 날고 싶다며 떨어질 게 (When you’re on the edge of the cliff and you’re going to fall and you want to fly“, “넌 나를 날개 도 없이 하늘 을 날게 해 (You make me fly in the sky without wings)“, “다 치면서 라도 같이 있고 싶은 가치 있는 사람 (a worthy person who wants to be with you despite his injuries.)“, “그 고운 미소 내가 지킬 테니 너는 그대로 만 있어 (I will keep that sweet smile and you will stay the same)“, “뛰어 들었다 네가 사는 J’ai (I jumped into the world in which you live)“. Some of the lyrics of “Dive“, which exude both tenacity and the worst love-boos in the world in which you live, draw attention because they are engraved in small letters next to each member.

Dive” is an impressive genre of dance with repeated country style guitar riffs and a rich sound. The lyrics, which convey the courage to do anything for loved ones, should unleash an explosive suction power, creating a consensus among the listeners.

The mini-album “i DECIDE“, which will be presented more than a year after the reorganization of IKON into a group of six members, is an album which presents the new facet of IKON. In addition to “Dive“, KIM DONG HYUK who participated in the main production and investment of BOBBY on several songs, will accentuate this new aspect.

IKON will be the first to greet fans via “Comeback Live FM iKON (with VLIVE)” at 5 pm KST on January 6th, one hour before the release of the song “Dive” from “i DECIDE“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS IKON

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