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KANG DANIEL: One more trailer for his comeback

The Youtube channel of KONNECT Entertainment, KANG DANIEL‘s agency, has today uploaded a second trailer for their artist’s comeback.

 As the release date of the MV of “U2“, title track of KANG DANIEL‘s next album approaches, the artist’s social networks unveil a video showing KANG DANIEL practicing for his first mini-album.

We can observe him learning a choreography, probably from “U2“, with his backdancers.

A progressive approach to KANG DANIEL‘s training can be seen throughout the video. Indeed, we can see him at the beginning with a big smile, dancing again and again his new choreography. However, the difficulty and the energy that his work requires is not hidden.

He’s even seen crying. But he never gives up and perseveres, giving the best of himself.

His mini-album will contain five different songs, two of which already have an MV: “Adulthood“, the first track of the album.

As well as “Touchin’” which was released as a single on November 25th.

Danitys, are you ready to show that all this hard work is worth it to KANG DANIEL?

You can show your support by using the following hashtags on Twitter: #강다니엘 #KANGDANIEL #KANGDANIEL #CYAN #2U

As a reminder, the MV of “2U” will be officially released on KONNECT Entertainment‘s YouTube channel on March 24th at 6pm (Korean time).

Journalist: Louise
Translator: Louise

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