KANG DANIEL: His first mini-album finally released!

KANG DANIEL is finally back after a hiatus of several months. He releases today the MV of the title track of his new album: “2U“.

That long-awaited day of the Danitys has finally arrived. After several days of teasing with extracts from his new musical release, KANG DANIEL is back with his very first solo mini-album: “CYAN“.

Back on the dance floor, he offers us a song as refreshing as the dance that accompanies it. “2U” is a song where we can hear KANG DANIEL talking about the love he has developed for someone.

After his adventure in the survival PRODUCE 101, then in the group WANNA ONE, KANG DANIEL is now a solo artist who saw his fanbase growing day by day.

What do you think about this mini-album? What’s your favorite track? Some questions that you can now answer!

You can watch the MV of “2U” on KONNECT Entertainment‘s YouTube channel.

Journalist: Louise
Translator: Louise
Source: Youtube channel of KONNECT Entertainment

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