EVERGLOW: A double 100 million.

The clip of “Adios” of the group EVERGLOW exceeded 100 million views on March 31st, announced its agency YUEHUA Entertainment on April 1st.

The title song for its second single, “Adios“, released in August of last year, is a song that officially anchored the name of EVERGLOW. It surpassed music broadcasts for the first time since its debuts and has since grown steadily in popularity, drawing attention from global markets, setting a record 100 million views.

This record is particularly significant in that it was set by idols of a small business, not of a large entertainment company. In addition to “Adios“, the clip for the title “Dun dun“, from the first mini-album “REMINISCENCE“, has also reached 100 million views.

Everglow, which has grown rapidly, plans to continue communicating with fans through various content and channels,” said an official with Yuehua Entertainment.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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