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GOT7: They’re back.

GOT7 made its comeback with its new album entitled « DYE » on April, 20.

From left to right, From top to bottom: GOT7 JINYOUNG, BAMBAM, JAEBEOM, YOUNGJAE, YUGYEOM, JACKSON & MARK.

The group revealed the album and the clip of its title track « Not by the moon » through its official social media accounts.

While the clip includes many references to Shakespearean literature, the energetic choreography and the song’s melody have captured the hearts of many fans.

The album « DYE » contains 6 brand diverse new songs. Thanks to its impeccable production, this album does highlight each in the greatest way what each member is capable of; it allows each member to show a bit of their personal color and them blending together makes GOT7 what they are today. Each song be it “Aura”, “Crazy”, title track “Not by the moon”, “Love you better”, “Trust my love” or “Poison” offered fans new well-worked compositions. The physical album also includes the tour’s four exclusive songs – the solo of YOUNGJAE Gravity”, the solo of JBRide“, and the solos of the subunits formed by JACKSON, BAMBAM and MARK with a mashup of the songs “God has returned” and “Manãna” and the instrumental choreography of YUGYEOM and JINYOUNG’s dance performance.

Between upbeat melodies and beautiful lyrics addressing the love one can have for a loved one, the fans could also enjoy seeing the members gathering for the showcase that celebrated the release of the album and was retransmitted on the official VLIVE channel of the band.

Despite the absence of fans due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the members of GOT7 worked hard thanks to their quick wit and eye-catching performances of songs “Not by the moon,” “Aura,” “Love you better” and “Poison“.  The showcase was also punctuated by these performances and discussions about the concept and preparation of this album. Described by members as a follow-up of their previous single “You call my name“, the clip uses the Moon trope that is paired with a vintage romantic aesthetic.

GOT7 performing “Not by the moon”.

The showcase was hosted by Ko Youngjae, singer of the group Soran and emcee of several showcases.

The release of the awaited album saw the group and its 6 new tracks be on top of various charts in more than 40 countries as well as in Korea. The clip already has more than 7 million views and has beaten all records of the company’s artists in terms of record sales. The group also announced the creation of its official TikTok application account.

GOT7 on stage for their showcase.

The album is now on all streaming platforms.

The fans also shared their impressions and enthusiasm through various hashtags that remained at the top of the world trends of various social media websites throughout the day.

GOT7 will appear on the radio show MBC Kim Shin Young Noon Song of Hope on April 22nd, the day their episode on the weekly Idol show Idol. They will also participate in musical shows on 23, 24 and 25, as well as two other radio shows.

We wish GOT7 the best for the promotions of their album “DYE” !

What is your favorite song?

You can find the « Not by the moon » music video here :

You can find the showcase here : LIEN

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